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Rubber Bark, Inc was established in 1994, started manufacturing recycled rubber products in early 2000 and has grown to be the largest manufacturer of playground rubber mulch and landscape rubber mulch on the WEST COAST of the United States. We are passionate about the health and safety of children as well as protecting the environment. We create useful products that use processed scrap tire and recycled plastic to achieve this goal. Our products include rubber safety surfaces, landscaping material, tables and benches. Our signature product is Rubber Bark®, a non-organic rubber playground and landscaping mulch made from recycled scrap tires. It looks beautiful, prevents injuries, comes in many colors and is widely used by professional architects and landscapers in schools, parks, commercial settings and private homes.


 "I’m really happy with how it turned out!"
Jennifer Halpin
Public Programs Specialist
Merced County Regional Waste Management Authority

Playground Rubber Mulch Means Safer Play

As the No. 1 seller of bulk rubber mulch products for playgrounds to parks and schools on the west coast, we have processed more than 1 billion pounds of recycled rubber in the last 12 years. We offer a variety of safe products made from recycled rubber in colors that are durable, safe and environmentally friendly. LEARN MORE

Landscape Rubber Mulch Reduces Water Use, Controls Weeds

Rubber Bark provides excellent drainage and does not compress or flatten out, so water continues to get to plants, yet inhibits mold and fungus growth. Not only that, it also controls weed growth. LEARN MORE

Industrial Outdoor Rubber Mats. Ideal For Humans and Livestock

Heavy duty equine rubber mats reduce stress by cushioning feet and hooves promoting comfort and health. These rubber standing mats are ideal for horses or humans. Our Rubber Stall Mats absorb weight while reducing stress on joints and are easy to clean. LEARN MORE

Tables and Benches Made From Recycled Materials

Our environmentally friendly benches and tables are made from 100% recycled scrap tires and plastics, which are processed by extrusion and molding. They are super heavy duty, made for high use areas, look great and will last a long time. LEARN MORE

Bender Boards For Landscape Edging and Concrete Forms

Bender Borders are made in USA from recycled plastic so they last longer than traditional wood. Simple to shape and install, Bender Borders are attractive and the best long term solution for gardens, lawns, trees, wells and construction. LEARN MORE

Resellers Corner - JOIN OUR TEAM !

Rubber Bark has a complete marketing system to help you resell our rubber mulch, rubber mats, benches and tables made for recycled plastic and rubber. LEARN MORE

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