Landscape Rubber Mulch

Rubber Bark®  is a an ideal garden product because it is an economical and superior alternative to traditional wood mulch with many beneficial features:

  • Rubber Bark costs less over time for labor and material: It does not break down and can be refreshed about every 8 to 10 years versus wood products, which require freshening once or twice a year.
  • Rubber Bark is a healthy environment for plantings: It inhibits mold and fungus growth, is excellent for drainage and does not compress or flatten out, so water continues to get to plants while controling weed growth and not attract nesting insects.
  • Rubber Bark stays in place: It is significantly heavier than wood, so it does not blow or wash away in heavy rain. Your landscape continues to look good over time!
  • Rubber Bark is Safe (nontoxic): It is softer than wood and is ADA compliant.
  • Rubber Bark Beautifies: It can be colored to resemble wood, or to a custom color. Estimated 7-10 years to full color fade. years. 
  • Rubber Bark is environmentally responsible: It is made of 100% recycled tires and its use conserves natural resources.
  • #1 most fade resistant brand
  • Up to 12 times the life of wood mulch
  • Zero deterioration and zero water absorption
  • 100% of water drains through to plants
  • Reduces weed growth by 86%
  • Eliminates attraction of wood-eating insects
  • Doesn't float or blow away
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Adds curb appeal and value to property